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Ultimate Massage Bundle

Ultimate Massage Bundle

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This unique massage bundle with 13 products costs around $155 if you buy it as individual products. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Wim Van poelgeest
Very nice

It a TOP deal

Celz Hallowa
Definitely a great way to spend quality time

The stuffs are great. My buddies and I went to Canada and they kept talking about their nuru massages experience. The gels are ultimate, It doesn’t really have a smell and has no taste. Very slippery and gooey even with a 2/3 mix with water. My girlfriend and I really enjoy the sheet! It really worked well fits mattress great and made for a very easy clean up. Just wiped it down with a towel and folded it up. And fits right back on package it came in. Nuru massage is a great way to spend quality time with your partner! And the sheet definitely add to the experience! Girlfriend and I enjoyed it very much

Steph Bonnie
Perfect friendly carry on the go.Highly recommend it

LOVE the Nuru gel! It's amazingly and sensually slippery as hell! My girl and I use it all the time for purely sensual purposes. The Nuru Pleasure sachets, we keep it in the car for that "special kind of road trip"...a quick unzip, squirt some down my pants and we're ready for business. It’s fabulous. Not sticky as long as you put the water into it and if it does get sticky just spray some water on and it's as good as new. I highly recommend it, slip slide and away!

Nissa Nie
Super Fun & Satisfied

We had great fun with this product. We used this for few hours of fun and this is my first Nuru Gel. Tried the other brands, they just aren't the same. The original is the best! Same brand they use for professional nuru massages. Also thumbs up for the sheet and specially the toys!

Natasha Tank
No Regrets, Highly recommended

We bought the bundle and have not regretted a thing. I will say that if your kids have a slip and slide I would suggest you add a little bit of this to it and they would have a blast. It's odorless and tasteless. Adult slip and slide... It's the best I have ever used and I've tried others. Highly recommended the nuru sheet for ease of clean up and fun. Its really easy to clean up. Just rinse.