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Nuru gel classic 1000 ml, for lots of massaging pleasure.

Many interesting reasons can be given as to why it would be interesting to choose this massage gel by Nuru Netherlands. For example, when you purchase this gel you will notice that this gel has a beneficial effect on your skin after a single use. Naturally, this does not only apply to your skin, but to your partner's too. The Nuru massage gel consists of a combination of water and seaweed, giving it a fantastic texture. Moreover, seaweed is known to have a detoxing effect making the effect on your skin significant. It should be clear then, are you someone who enjoys regularly giving or receiving a massage? In that case it is absolutely recommended to purchase the Nuru gel classic 1000 ml!


The Nuru Premium Gel 450ml is a lovely, smooth massage gel that you can buy whit a very attractive price. Discover them now! 

Our magical massage gel, that is available in this handy squeeze bottles, enjoys unknown popularity. This has everything to do with the fact that it is a very smooth massage gel which is a 100 percent natural and therefore a blessing for the skin. Have you been looking for a massage gel that can even be used in the bathtub or shower without any problem? In that case, this magical Nuru massage gel is recommended without doubt!


Endless massage pleasure with this 6 pack "NURU Pleasure" Massage powder. Up to 3.000 ml of smooth massage gel can be made in just 2 minutes or prepare up to 500 ml per sachet in just two minutes.

Enjoy or give a lovely massage with this Exotiq massage candle. Light the candle and enjoy the wonderful bamboo orchids fragrance that spreads through the room.

Let the candle burn for 15-20 minutes and carefully pour the melted candle wax into your hands. Use this warm massage oil to give a relaxing massage.

This sheet protects your mattress against Nuru Gel, Massage Oil, Silicone Gel and much more! The material from which this bedsheet is made is frequently used in hospitals and care homes. It's anti static and anti bacterial. 100% waterproof. Washable at max. 90 degrees and dry quickly. Choose from one of the five available colors, Blue, Mintgreen, White, Black and Purple. The size is 220 x 250 cm large enough to put the sheet left and right under your mattress so that it stays in place during the massage!

This PU bedsheet is totally not comparable with the starters PVC (plastic) bedsheet also available in our webshops. You will enjoy this bedsheet for a long time.

Sunee Oil is made on the basis of Almond oil and Aloe Vera with added extracts of Lotus flower and Jasmine.

Wooden scale. Made of bamboo; a maintenance-friendly and durable natural material. Wash by hand and store dry. Not suitable for the microwave.
Do not use metal utensils that can scratch the surface of the dish

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